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Colloidal Gold, can it really help our bodies get better?

Colloid Dynamics
Electricity ours and the Earth

Electromotive Force, EMF. First I always thought it met Electromagnetic Force. So now that that is cleared up what the heck is it? This is not a traditional force, it is the elements of positive and negative ions. When you put two magnets together, as positive to positive ends, they will push away from each other. The same is true for the negative ends together.

So you have a battery that is in a radio, one is positive in that direction while the other one is in the opposite direction  This way the ions flow around in a circle and cause the radio to work. If you were to put the batteries incorrectly into the radio it will not work. Everything needs the positive and negative response. The flow of energy goes around in a circle.

Everyone needs love. But what happens when the food we are eating is no longer getting the love it needs. We manipulate the seeds so that they no longer grow normally, they are genetically modified. We have been brainwashed to believe, America needs to feed the world. Alright now Let’s consider that there is more than enough food to not only feed America but many others.  This manipulation of the seeds is more of a control factor so we have to go to the store to buy more.  It used to be you would save your corn on the cob and plant the seeds next season.  Now the seeds come in package from lets say Agway, they have a tint of purple on them.  What is this? This is just another way to control the hairless ape, me.


These low flying airplanes at one time, they were our way of putting down bug spray and herbicides. But they are obsolete today. When they would spray the field, there were times if the wind caught the spray just right it would blow it down wind.  If you were down wind, then you got spray as well.

Herbicides included anything that kills bugs.  Then there was the spray for fungus. Crop Dusters, I loved to watch them when I was young, they were fun, they flew so close to the ground it was amazing that they didn’t crash.

crop duster

Low-rated herbicide and high-rated fertilizer with a single machine

Now today we have equipment that keeps the spray mostly on the ground. They use liquid fertilizer and if it is not offensive to the public they can use pig fecal matter. The fecal from a pig that is raised on a pig farm has antibiotics, estrogen, and hormone treatment to help the pig grow faster. Then there are the virus shots, and the grain they are eating is also sprayed with hormones. All of this is not good for any of us.

John Dear sprayer

When I plant my garden, I wheelbarrow my goat manure from my compost pile over and put it into the garden. At the end of the growing season we rototiller, which mixes it up good and it is ready for the snow of winter. Once the snow has melted we rototiller again and plant.

You are supposed to let the ground set dorment every seven years and anything that grows on it is feed for the wildlife.

I have replenished my garden with the dead plants from fall and added some important nutrients back into the soil. I am not forcing my plants to produce a mass amount of food, I am just using what they do give me.

What is missing in the big farmers ground?

What are we doing with the big commercial farms? In my opinion we actually grow higher yields and better crops when the farms were family owned. There was not this problem of GMO seeds. The farmer could take his corn off of the husk and replant it next year. The same for the barley, oats, millet, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, peas, green beans etc. There was a rotation of crops in the fields and the government didn’t pay the farmer not to grow a crop.

Look as that John Deere tractor, the farmer is now in hock up to his ears if the farmer borrowed the money to buy any of his equipment. That is why these farms are owned by huge corporations. (Possibly China)

What is my point?

The problem is, we go to the supermarket pick up what food we need and go home without even thinking about what the food value is today. Or what the food has in it that we do not need in our bodies. What is lacking? We get sick, come down with immune deficiencies.

Merriam Webster gives the definition as: Adjective: borrowed from Latin dēficient-, dēficiens, present participle of dēficere “to leave without enough, let down, be lacking, run short, fail,” from dē- DE- + facere “to make, bring about, perform, do”. Several bridges in the city are structurally deficient. A diet deficient in calcium can lead to weak bones

We have a lot of deficiencies in our world today. But the bodies we are using, have requirements. Let me go back to an earlier post:

How does Grounding or Earthing Mats Really Effect the Body

I remember a song by the Byrds, “Turn, Turn, Turn”. The lyrics are from Ecclesiastes 3:1 and the song melody by Peter Seger. A season for every activity under heaven.

We have given our lives away to people who like to experiment on us. They use disruptive devices and radiation that actually kills our cells. They tell us that, yes the radiation will kill the blood cells, and if you survive the radiation, then you have killed the infection.

My only question is; What caused the disruption in the cells to begin with? If, you can find what Is causing the imbalance, then we can reverse the problem and cure the imbalance.

A time and season for everything. Now is the time to look to the earth, for she is where the answers will come from.

Colloid, what is the definition?

The answer to the question is that a colloid is a homogeneous non-crystalline substance consisting of large molecules or ultra microscopic particles of one substance dispersed through a second substance. Colloids include gels, sols, and emulsions; the particles do not settle, and cannot be separated out by ordinary filtering or centrifuging like those in a suspension. Admittedly I did not write the above sentence. “Thank you to Dan Miller for the reference.”

Looking to the earth what are the answers? Well they are items that we have to un-brainwash ourselves from. For instance, we are made of the earth. We belong here we will go from dust to dust. Why not take advantage of what we have to become healthy and free from pain.

Our bodies are made of the earth. Genesis 3:1. “By the sweet of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return”. These are powerful words, considering that the earth is our mother and our bodies would not survive without her.

The benefits of Colloidal Gold: It can increase the IQ by as least 24%, It helps fight obesity, it eases the pains and swellings of arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, and tendinitis. Colloidal Gold is a natural stimulant and rejuvenation for cells throughout the body. It enhances the antioxidant enzyme super oxide desmutase. The most impressive thing I think that it does, is it helps to fight cancer. The gold particle has a tendency to attach itself to the abnormal cell and then burns it up.

This is a short flick from YouTube on a gentleman who came down with prostate cancer, but they have also found that ovarian cancer reacts well to Colloidal Gold

Medication being made with Gold for Arthritis and Chronic inflammation

What is the Elixir of Life in Harry Potter? The Elixir of Life is produced by the Philosopher’s Stone. When someone drinks the Elixir, they have eternal life (so long as they continue to drink it regularly).

Nicholas Flamel owed the Philosopher’s Stone and, along with his wife, drank the Elixir regularly until they were over 600 years old. The Flamel’s stopped drinking the Elixir when they destroyed the stone to prevent it from being stolen by Lord Voldemort.

Alright enough of the silliness, or is this silly?

One of the medications that is out on the market is AURANOFIN. Oral gold Compound for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis. It might be a good product but the filler that goes into this product are lethal to some people. They have an allergic reaction not to the gold but to the substance.


  • AURANOFIN 3 mg/1 This is the gold.


  • BENZYL ALCOHOL (UNII: LKG8494WBH) Really Alcohol?
  • D&C RED NO. 33 (UNII: 9DBA0SBB0L) NO
  • FD&C RED NO. 40 (UNII: WZB9127XOA) NO
  • MAGNESIUM STEARATE (UNII: 70097M6I30) OK This is used to help joint soreness
  • SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE (UNII: 368GB5141J) SLS used in Soap to make it bubble coconut derivative
  • STARCH, CORN (UNII: O8232NY3SJ) OK This is a thickening agent
  • TITANIUM DIOXIDE (UNII: 15FIX9V2JP) OK used in Soap to make it whiter.
  • At the side of each item you will find my comments.

They have taken a good product and made it so it will make you sick. You can now blame it on the Gold. Now you will not take it to get better. But you will say that the gold make you sick. This is there way of controlling the population.

Ebola – Has been with the monkeys in Africa since the beginning of time. At least that is what they would like us to believe. The natives there have been eating the monkeys forever, so they want you to believe this also, yet all of a sudden it has gotten loose and is threatening the population of the world.

Think about this – if it were as contagious as it appears, (Then why is there any population still left in Africa.} Wouldn’t they all be dead from being next to the person who has it. The entire country should have died. No one asks these questions. No one looks toward the scientist who made the drugs, as a means to the end, and asks why. Depopulation, this is there goal.

It is important to stay as healthy as possible. Taking Colloidal Gold to fight off infections, and a Grounding mat to help your veins to relax so the Colloidal gold can work to the best of its ability. It is claimed that Colloidal Gold can cure cancer, why then are’t they using it, or is it the money that is really driving cancer forward.

Click here Colloidal Gold These bottles are 8 oz bottles and run about $22.00.

Grounding Mats – Click Here

There are many kinds of Grounding mats as different prices. You can go select the one that fits your budget, . The reason I picked this one is because of the way it is made .


This bottle is 9 oz and costs $20.00, you can get a 10% discount at Colloid Dynamics.

Please understand this is my opinion, do not take this as the Gospel.

In conclusion If you have any comments or question please leave them below.


I use Amazon products in my posts. Please be aware that I may make a small amount of money on the product that you buy..

The Best Supplements for Arthritis Joint Pain

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14 thoughts on “Colloidal Gold, can it really help our bodies get better?

  1. Get new posts by email
  2. Very enlightening and interesting post, indeed!  I enjoyed where you took your thought process here.  I have never heard of Colloidal Gold, so this was very informative!  In your opinion, what do you think has changed over time?  We “need” groceries, so we hurriedly rush through the supermarket and likely come home with items that are full of preservatives, GMO’s, etc.  All the while, we’re intelligent and know these things are not good.  But what has changed?  Why do consumers overlook the obvious and purchase it anyway?  Is it the cost?  I’d like to think that’s the main reason I don’t purchase as many organic items.  The price tag is substantially higher.  I’m interested in your insight.  Thank you for researching and posting this.  I learned a lot!  Blessings.

    1. Organic isn’t organic any more. With what is falling out of the sky onto our gardens and the fertilizers, if it is bought in the store, having hormones in it what other choice do we have. What are we suppose to do to make it better. I can’t change what is going on, no one can. I do believe that we need to take care of us. So maybe the gold will block the 5G frequency and at the same time give us a healthier body. Until things turn around I am going to take care of me. Enjoy my steak and potatoes and use the energy from the earth to help balance my body. I think that the gold with everything else going on, has got electricity attached to it. The grounding mat will help move the gold to where our body need it the most. These are my feelings. 

      let me know how it helps you. I really am interested. Thank you G-d bless.  Bonnie

  3. Thank you for this very much needed awareness about the colloidal gold and the grounding mat also, I agree with almost all the points you made about most of our food been manipulated and modified, we really need to be careful with what we take and be cautious about infections.i will try out the colloidal gold and share my experience on here. 

  4. Wow, there is so much talked about here but at the end of the day, it all boils down to the issue of colloidal gold. I have to agree with you that the scientists are really doing so much to depopulate our world so it is very important to keep healthy and stay that way. Colloidal gold looks good and I’m happy you can give this recommendation. Also, you defined what colloid is in your post, that way, I can understand more this product. Thank you very much. I should get this or first compare prices.

    1. Let me know. I found the one thing that it does is boost my energy.  O I take it in the mourning.  Make sure about the size of the bottle you by, also that it is from 24k gold and just distilled water. That way you as getting the entire thing. Thank you for the comments. Bonnie

  5. Thanks for taking your time to review colloidal gold. I did hear  some hyping about it cincer ing the fact that it can cure obesity and get our body back on track. Also, the fact that it can fight infections too. You have uncovered some very deep and  thought provoking discoveries and it only makes sense. I’d surely bookmark this post di that I can carefully get the information in this post.

    1. Hi Tracy:

      it is hype until it is proven. The research concerning the RA has been proven. It is a cheep way to take the swelling down. The grounding mats also help with the swelling. As an older adult, I find that there are many who hurt but really there is no cure. Poppy cock. There is a reason why people hurt! What is the reason? I don’t know that the colloidal Gold will do that in all people. I know when I combine colloidal gold and copper into my goat milk cream along with DMSO and arnica that it takes the pain away. The swelling goes down my hand stops hurting. Obesity’s another subject. It may not work on everyone. Loosing weight is tough. I am going to try to see if it works for me.

      thank you for the comments.  Bonnie

  6. Personally I feel these product are being given bad names just to avoid some particular things which I don’t really know of. I would not say these product should not be given bad names but what are we the consumers of these products doing in term of making researches? Why do we just sit back and digest any information that is fed to us. I feel if that is changed then we will have a better atmosphere.

    1. I don’t think as a consumer I can do much unless we want to start protesting in mass peacefully. That is why I wrote the post. We need to take care of ourselves first then help the next person do the same thing. My objective is to help you feel healthy.  These two items are just breaking the ice. If we can feed our body the electrical energy to raise the vibrations up able the crap below, then we will not get sick. The lower vibration virus can not make us sick because it is on a different frequency.  

      Remember some of the studies showed it took up to 12weeks to really show improvement.  There will be instant signs but remember everyone is different. With me my energy increased and my sleeping got better. 

      thank you for the comments. I hope I have helped in some small way.   Bonnie

    2. You are right to question. Just remember to question everything. In the late 60’s early 70’s a group of young adults got together and protested clear cutting of the forests. When enough voices are put together things get done. Clear cutting was leaving desert behind because the ecological environment had been destroyed. 

      today we have tracking. It is cracking the earths mantel  and causing the water to become contaminated.  It needs to stop. But I do not see any effort to protest fracking. 

      i never could keep my mouth shut especially when it comes to the health oh the people.

      thank you. Bonnie

  7. I’ve never tried colloidal gold before, only colloidal silver which I love because I find that it works good against colds. I have never known about the benefits of colloidal gold before, very interesting. I had no idea that it was helpful against arthritis, I will have to look closer into that. I’ve heard that a mineral that most western diets are missing out on is boron which can also affect arthritis. I do agree with you that eating as natural as possible is best for people and that the Earth will provide the vitamins and nutrients we need.

    1. Boron is

      Found in fruits such as apples, grapes, and oranges, boron keeps the metabolism healthy and can keep chronic health conditions such as hormonal imbalance and arthritis at bay. The health benefits of boron can also be gleaned from soybeans, avocados, red kidney beans, peanut butter, hazelnuts, currants, tomato, and lentils.

      i would say people are not eating enough fresh fruit.  There are a lot of diseases propping up that we all thought were cured. People need to be more educated on a lot of subject’s.  This is how I have decided to help.

      thank you for your comments.  Bonnie

    2. Hi:

      thank you for the nice review. There are several video you tube that are ad’s for colloidal Gold. They may have more information then I do.  I always try to back up everything I am saying with professional help. This way I can refer back to the medical study it came from.

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