Earth Matters and Grounding

Grounding and Sexual Health

I remember when I was little everyone around me said, “You need to ground yourself.”

I remember thinking, am I like the kids in my class that take medication. They were constantly bouncing off of the walls. Yet mother would not hear of it. So I got, “Sit Down! Put your hands in your lap. Now feel the ground under you.” O.K. Now I was grounded and it felt like it. I used to pretend that I could attach myself to the ground beneath me, and then couldn’t get up.

Now, here is a new twist, how should I be grounding? I am looking around the internet after typing in methods of grounding and this website, “, pops up with an article on grounding and the benefits to your sexual health.

Interesting, why would grounding have anything to do with sex. It sparked my interest, so I began reading the blog and there was information about ground mats. Hay you can not make this stuff up. The title is, “About Grounding Yourself.”

Sitting on the ground with my hands in my lap is called “Earthing”. It’s supposed to be healthy for a person to sit and be quiet. Who considers meditation to be a part of grounding. The article specified that you must be in contact with either the dirt or grass.

Now I have a problem! where I live you do not want to sit on the dirt and we have no grass. Here in the desert the dirt is full of creepy crawlies, along with thistle, thorns, needles, and twigs. Being that as it is, I went outside, placing a towel on the ground and sat down. I cleared my mind, and concentrated on the ground beneath me.

Farm Dog

No farm would be complete without a few dogs

It was a quiet morning, my eyes were closed and I was breathing slowly in and out. Then a very familiar sound reached me. My eyes flew open as I looked around. There was my year and a half old pup, running full speed in from the field, straight toward me. In my head I could hear him saying, “Mom’s on the ground, play time.”

Somehow sitting on the ground wasn’t such a good idea. He turned just before he got to me and bumped me with his rear.  The next thing I remember is laying flat on the ground staring right into those soft brown-eyed face with the dripping tongue. He had a huge smile and his tail was going so fast it wiggled his entire body. Then it happened, that tongue hit my face.

So I’m thinking, that sitting on the ground outside the front door was not going to work. It is beautiful here in the high country, but I live in a house that has a basement with a cement floor and a second story. How do you ground yourself on cement or when you are 12 feet above the ground?

Why do you ground yourself?

By what the article says, people are exposed to a lot of EMF(Electromagnetic Flux) radiation, coming from Cell phones, cell phone towers, and microwaves oven, etc. Even while we are sleeping, we are being exposed to positive Ions from everything in the air around us.

Alright why should I care if I am being exposed to these positive ions? I did a little more research on the internet and found out that too much positive ions can cause headaches, muscle pain, and irritability.

So how do I reverse this process?

People today don’t have enough negative ions in there reserve to counteract the positive ions we are accumulating from electronic gadgets. The ground outside of my house is looking a little more inviting. All I need is 20 minutes a day to sit and soak up Mother Earth’s energy.


Ideas for rejuvenating my body

Go down to the beach and walk on the sand with the sea lapping at your heals.  The sea is a natural source of salt water.
Hmm, I can think of many reasons not to go to the public beaches in Southern California. Possibility the sewage dump 8 miles out from the shore. This may have changed but when I grew up in Southern California there were times that the beach smelled like garbage. I also remember the tar on the sand and going home with black feet.

Salt Water Baths

I just love baths. Bubbly, bubbles surround you and you just lay there and soak till your fingers and toes become wrinkled. Somehow it is not the same as the ocean, and the feeling only lasts a few hours.  Does anyone here understand what is happening. I am still confused. What is it I am missing?

But what does this have to do with sex?

Going back to the article from “ I read on. Do I wear shoes all the time? Do I ever go barefoot outside? That made me laugh. OK, how many of you take your shoes off daily and go outside for 10 to 15 minutes. Do you even take the time out of your daily life to crunch the dirt up between your toes? I don’t.

There are a lot of things that cause us not to pay attention to any of this until our joints hurt and then the entire nervous systems finds itself being compromised.

Now my pH levels are out of whack, and my estrogen is spiraling out of control., I am moody, my PMS is acting out and I want to pick up the couch which my husband is sitting on and throw them both out the front door. (FYI), I really had a friend that did that. It was not funny when it happened, but now I laugh at her). Apparently these elements are caused by our detachment from the earth.

How do we Balance our pH

Our pH is in balance when you are neither to acidic or Alkaline. The total pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 being neutral. For example if you have a swimming pool, you will be always checking the water to make sure it is not to acidic. For more information on pH balancing go to Wikipedia, it has a good explanation. 

Do we always need to be Politically Correct?

Earthing is a politically correct word. What does this have to do with sex?

I continue to read the article as it winds down telling me about all the things that are around me that are causing me to become positively charged. The article is right, my love life has drifted out the door with my positive ions chasing it all the way to Alaska. So what can I do about it.

Let’s get down to the bottom of the Problem.

What does Earthing or Grounding have to do with sex. My opinion and I have a lot of them, is that this body we are wearing needs to be attached to Mother Earth a lot more than what anyone of us can or want to admit. If I am out of balance within this body then the body will try to tell me something is wrong. Sore muscles, sore throat, cranky, headache, etc.  So the best thing I can do is find a cure.  It appears that a Grounding Mat may be the answer.

11-5 x 24-earthing-mat for more info click here

The above mat is just right to put under your feet when you are working on something.  Making sure that your feet are bare, because it will not work if you leave your shoes on


Now this is a 24 x 24 meditation, grounding, earthing mat.  You need to be able to sit on it with as much skin attached to it as possible. I leave that to your imagination.  CLICK HERE

With both of these mats the minimal amount of time would be 20 minutes a day.

The Traveler Earthing Mat is unique in design as it was made to take with you when you are traveling. Therefore the name Traveling. At this point I will let you ponder about what sex has to do with grounding yourself. So here is the Web page if you want to do some investigation on your own.Libido Bliss com Just point and click on the web page, It will take you right to the content.

Grounded Beauty Single Sleep Mat – 27″ x 72″ 

For more information on Grounding mats, the above, Click Here and it will take you to Amazon where there are many to choose from.  The ones I have selected above, I feel are the best on the market.

Take time to smell the roses, for tomorrow they may be gone

If tomorrow never comes, I need to take care of my body today. If sex is part of what keeps us healthy, Mentally and Physically, then I need to pay more attention.  All the above information is for you to ponder.  But if you have any of the above aliments then maybe it will not hurt to take a look at a good mat.

My next post will be centered around the pads themselves and how they are made.

Please leave me a comment below, Thank you

I use Amazon products in my posts. Please be aware that I may make a small amount of money on the product that you buy. 

How are Earthing Mats Made?


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8 thoughts on “Grounding and Sexual Health

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  2. I love how you write about your experiences – from living in a desert to a house with a basement. I also live in the desert and i find it a magical place to get in touch with nature. But yes, you certainly do need to find one of those rare patches of grass or bring something to sit on. I live in the Sonoran desert. It has so much life, beauty, and wonder. Did you know that nearly every plant in this desert has a medicinal purpose? I find that incredibly grounding. Nature is truly wonderful.

    1. I moved to Tucson in 1987. I love it there. Although my husband being from PA just doesn’t like the intense heat. We had a water cooler the entire time I lived there. I don’t like air conditioning. Yes I was very enchanted with Arizona, so when I remarried and moved to PA and the snow was up to my rear, we moved back but compromised for the White Mountains. That way he gets his snow and I get my beautiful Arizona.

  3. This is a great and informative article, I love the way you break everything down. Grounding is very important — especially for people like me that are prone to anxiety. I agree that another powerful method for grounding yourself is to walk or stand barefoot on the earth. I realize that after about 12 or 15 minutes, my mind becomes more calmer and I feel more rooted in my body. Of course, it’s only when positively charged that thought of sex can come in; and grounding does some magic about that.

    1. OK sex is a sensitive area, but at the same time women are more prone to needing grounding then men.  We are flighty depending on the monthly cycle,  I also think that we are always running from sun up to sun down with kids projects.  Today the world is a little different but still who has time to really go out and just sit on the ground.  I can think of nothing better then sleeping on a mat.  The problem is solved.  Sort-of.  If everything I have read about the mat is true, then everyone of us should own one and use it. 

      Thank you


  4. Excellent article, thank you!  I’ll have to do some research into positive ions because now you have me curious.  I hadn’t considered a grounding mat before, though!  I suppose that would be extremely useful if you cannot get outside to meditate (or get knocked over by dogs! LOL).  Though sleeping on one?  Hopefully, it is comfortable!  That might be an interesting experience, otherwise.  Thanks again.

    1. I will be honest with you, I feel the mat works a lot better.  Clint the gentleman that developed the mats, worked with cables and the internet before it was popular.  What ever the grounding mat does as long as your house is grounded well it puts out 50% more (balances to zero output on the body) then the earth does.  The more I study about the miracles from the grounding mat, I wonder if he didn’t come up with something really new and exciting.  

      It has been used on Autistic children and the results are phenomenal.  There attention span increases and they come out of their heads.  I am really impressed with the results.

      Thank you


  5. What an interesting topic! I am a fan of grounding and just being connected to nature in general but I had never really considered what sort of effect it could have on my sexual health!

    I live in Canada so finding grass is no problem, my issue has always been the LOOOONG winters. So many months of snow and ice can leave me feeling disconnected from the earth beneath me. These earth mats may be a good alternative to help get through the winter months. 

    Thanks so much for sharing this post!

  6. This is an interesting concept. I find that if I use my phone or my computer for too long, I get stressed out. What I usually do is to take a break by walking around my neighborhood and just like that I feel a bit better. But I think your method might work better, I will try it next time by laying on the ground and will let you know 🙂 I will also give the grounding mat a try 😉 

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