Earth Matters and Grounding

How does Grounding or Earthing Mats Really Effect the Body

Just looking at this picture makes me want to wiggle my toes

Grounding – A Part of Our Make-up or is it Symbolic?

We have to make a conscious effort to take the time out of our daily life, to ground ourselves.

1. We have to understand that being attached to the earth, is an inherent act. It comes naturally. Having all the technical gadgets around us is not inherent. I have had to learn every step of the way how to run a microwave, TV, and a Computer. I think the hardest thing to learn was a smart phone.  All these electronic gadget we know put out positive electrons. How does this relate to grounding and the effect it has on our bodies.

2. What is it that the earth gives us. Well, it feeds us, it clothes us, it provides us shelter, what else do we need? We need its energy. We need to be like the lighting bolt. Which comes down from heaven exchanges its energy with the earth and then shoots back up to the sky.

3. Our bodies are made of the earth. Genesis 3:1. “By the sweet of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return”. These are powerful words, considering that the earth is our mother and our bodies would not survive without her. I am not going to get theological, it is just clear that we have forgotten what that means. We live in cities, in apartments, hi-rises, on black top and cement. Maybe once a year we will take a trip to the forest to camp for vacation.

To Everything There is a Time and a Season

I remember a song by the Byrds, “Turn, Turn, Turn”. The lyrics are from Ecclesiastes 3:1 and the song melody by Peter Seger. A season for every activity under heaven. We have given our lives away to people who like to experiment on us. They use disruptive devices and radiation that actually kills our cells. They tell us that, yes the radiation will kill the blood cells, and if you survive the radiation, then you have killed the infection.

My only question is; What caused the disruption in the cells to begin with? If you can find what Is causing the imbalance, then we can reverse the problem and cure the imbalance.

A time and season for everything. Now is the time to look to the earth, for she is where the answers will come from.

What in the last 120 years have we done?

When we look at how old the people in the bible were, it seems to me that they had the knowledge to put together the great pyramid. That they understood the workings of the Earths lay lines.

Why is it that we have no memories or knowledge of the purpose for the Pyramids? To me it seems that our memories were wiped clean. We are left guessing at how the pyramids were build. The written word only seems to direct us to the Bible. I think that we should have come forward with all of this information, yet it was wiped out of existence.

I believe the same thing has happened with Earthing/Grounding. Grounding is an item that is just now being discovered again. I believe we are going to find many thing that have been hidden from us. In my opinion, as long as we are kept stupid and ignorant we will never learn to listen.

Einstein was asked, “who is the smartest man living on the earth at this moment?”. He told the person to look toward Tesla, for he is the smartest person alive. Again, Grounding appears to be something brand new. It is really very old knowledge that is just now being reintroduced to us. As with Tesla, people have been killed to keep this information from the public.

Where is Our Personal Reservoir?

What we need, is a reservoir of electricity to balance out the damage being done to our bodies. Where does our electric reservoir come from? Our reservoir comes from the earth. The negative charged electrons that she gives us is the same electricity that is our reservoir, it is part of who we are.

In the world that surrounds us we find ourselves being bombarded by microwaves towers, appliances, cell phones, computers, power lines and, least but not last, is the wide spectrum of electrostatic radiation. Many people never take off their rubber sole shoes. When they go home their slippers have rubber man-made soles and they walk on nylon rugs. We have totally un-grounded ourselves from the Earth. We are totally detached which is causing us to be sick.

Take your shoes off now, right where you are. What do you feel coming up from the earth. Is it the same feeling you had as a kid playing in the grass. I know it is not the same to me.

Are you in Touch with your Body?

Can you feel the subtle change in the air currents and pressure around you? Do you pay attention to the birds to see what is going? When was the last time you had your shoes and socks off and walked in the grass?

Now you might ask, “Why do I want to take my Shoes off

The blood samples above were taken during a research group into grounding by Dr Stephen Sinatra MD. He is from England and runs a, Groundology – Earthing for health and EMF protection clinic. I have notified him and he has given me permission to use the above in my blog.

The above microscopic images is from 3 different people. In the pictures above you will find the before pictures on the left. These were taken before the person grounded themselves for 40 minutes.

The pictures on the right is from after the person has been grounded. To me these are very dramatic picture. The blood cells on the left, are not floating like healthy blood does. They are stuck together and seem to have no resistance to invasion.

Just for giggles, I have a picture of some imbalanced cells that are growing. Growing imbalanced cells are called Cancer Cells.

When I compare the two pictures above to the cancer blood cells, it appears that the before grounding pictures seem to have some familiarity to the growing cancer cells.

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How Do I Change My Body’s Balance?

Now that I have your attention, there are books out that have some very good Information. One is by Dr. Stephen T Sinatra MD, Clint Ober, and Martin Zucker. They have written a book for sale on Amazon Kindle called. “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

Grounding mats and equipment can be purchased online from Amazon.  The one in the picture is $37.99 and a good mat to start with.  The one that Clint Ober is attached to is:

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I have felt for years that we are our own worst enemy. That the diseases/imbalances that we have can be cured.

Have you ever seen someone ride a horse bareback? They become one with the horse. Animals very seldom get sick. They are well grounded. The animals I have seen that are fragile, are the ones that are indoors, they never get outside into the dirt or grass. But when they do they go crazy, rolling, playing, jumping, and romping. We know it is good for them. So now it is our turn to do exactly the same thing.

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Here is to Life. May it be fruitful and long.

Please leave me a comment or question.  Thank You Bonnie

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Meditation and Grounding-How much do you really believe?

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13 thoughts on “How does Grounding or Earthing Mats Really Effect the Body

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  2. My grandfather gave me the book Earthing to read many years ago and it’s been a continual practice of mine since.. We are a species with amnesia, we have forgot where we came from and have no idea how to proceed. The frequencies upon which we naturally vibrate have been manipulated by a sinister force which has created a gridlock in our evolution as spiritual beings. We know something isn’t right, we’re searching for the path back to out true heritage as human beings, and articles like this are exactly what need to be mainstream public information. As a collective we can reverse the damaging effects of modern society and expose the truths that have been intentionally hidden from plain sight.. Thank you and keep the information coming..

    1. Thank you James. I hope that there was something in it that you found educational. My word habit is that I am opinionated. and I am afraid that that come through. Thanks again Bonnie

  3. Great post! I personally try to ground myself at least once a day for 30 minutes. It has really helped, I hardly get sick anymore. I also wear an EMF necklace to block the electromagnetic frequencies that surround us. I agree with your article and think that more people should try it before knocking it. I mean it’s not like it is going to hurt you, you might just have some fun.  

  4. Call me an old soul, but there are moments when I really want to go back in tims and experience unpolluted air and technological invasion. Your post made me realized the importance of being one with earth and I think it should be practiced as often as possible. Now that there are medical and scientific proof about health benefits you can acquire from grounding, it gives me more reason to support and promote this into practice. Healing comes from nature which has kept us alive since the beginning of time. It’s now our turn to give back and nurture mother Earth and protect what’s left of her naked space so we can have more opportunity for grounding. Protecting her is also preserving our health and well being. Thank you for sharing this. Can’t wait to share this information with my students. 

  5. Thank you for this enlightening post.

    I’ve never really given the idea of grounding much thought.  I’ve noticed that, when I go camping and just relax in the wilderness, I’m very much rested and renewed.  I just figured it was because I got away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    Although that may be part of the reason, I’m beginning to think that grounding may also play a role.  When I camp, I tend to be more one with nature.  I’ll go barefoot if the ground is clear of potential hazards (think thorns and whatnot) and I’ll enjoy time in the river or stream if there’s one nearby.

    All-in-all, I think it’s a mix of grounding and simply disconnecting from the “real” world.

    On a side-note, I’d love to know more about lay lines and how the pyramids were built and why certain locations were selected, where to face was chosen and so on.

    Thanks again,


    1. I had a thing about the Pyramids for a long time.  I even got one to sit inside of.  then I put together a pyramid up down and both sides wrapped it in aluminum foil and hung it up.  

      To say the thing worked is an understatement.  It changed the frequencies in the room and constantly went around in circles.  I figured that I better stop there.  

      I am pretty sure that the egyptians didn’t build them they just used them.  There are way too many of them around the planet in different places.  It is a subject that has been speculated on for a long time.  I just know that they believed, the people that built them that Gold was a precious metal not to wear but to ingest.  There are rumors that they had to sit in solid gold square rooms every day to stay healthy.  That would make then extraterrestrials 

      Thank you for your kind words.  Do you think that they were us at one time?

  6. Wow the photos of blood cells are truly amazing and confirmation of what I have always believed. Yes, we get our positive energy from mother earth! Just being outside in nature can be a huge stress relief. I’m often annoyed by the sounds created from humming of machines and electricity. I even have a crystal near my computer. Shungite is a very powerful stone for protection against EMFs (electro magnetic fields) and also has grounding and detoxing properties. With all of our technological progress we need to find balance, and grounding is a beautiful way to do that. What exactly is a grounding mat? Something you can take inside?

  7. Wow the photos of blood cells are truly amazing and confirmation of what I have always believed. Yes, we get our positive energy from mother earth! Just being outside in nature can be a huge stress relief. I’m often annoyed by the sounds created from humming of machines and electricity. I even have a crystal near my computer. Shungite is a very powerful stone for protection against EMFs (electro magnetic fields) and also has grounding and detoxing properties. With all of our technological progress we need to find balance, and grounding is a beautiful way to do that. What exactly is a grounding mat? Something you can take inside?

    1.  I wrote an entire post on grounding mats.  Most of the people don’t tell you anything other then buy this one or that one.  There are a lot of different mats out there, which one would be best for you I don’t know.  There are mats that you stand on or put under your computer.  There are half mats that you sleep on and then there are whole mats that you sleep on.  My budget is a little tight so I work at the the I put my feet on when I am at the computer.  I am at my computer a lot so that works.

      Thank you for reviewing my post!

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