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The Best Absorbable Magnesium and Calcium

How healthy are the vegetables that we eat?

Here is a tomato plant that is lacking in Calcium and Magnesium.  I have always thought that when I saw a plant like this that it was bug infested.  Apparently when a plant is lacking in minerals it leaves it susceptible to all kind of sickness. 

If you knew how much calcium, magnesium, copper, gold, silver, iron, etc.  Then you would be eating all the food and mineral that are available to the human body.  As it is we are never sure what the plant looked like before it hits the market for us to purchase.

If we grow our own plants then we know exactly what the plant looks like and can treat it accordingly.

Our bodies are the same way.  If we are calcium deficient. we end up with week bones.  If we have a problem with magnesium in our system then we have cramps.  And to top that off it is believe that both Calcium and Magnesium can cause heart problems.  

We are told by our doctors that we need to take Iron, Magnesium, or Calcium, we go to the shelf in Walmart, Walgreens, or our local pharmacy and pick up a bottle of what we think is the best product on the shelf.  Although there are so many different products that are made by many different manufacturers.  How do we decide from one to the other?  What additives are in the pills, like fillers, dyes, what are they actually made of ?  Well with Calcium you usually get Calcium Carbonate.

To Quote Wikipedia:  “Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound with the formula CaCO3. It is a common substance found in rocks as the minerals calcite and aragonite (most notably as limestone, which is a type of sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcite) and is the main component of pearls and the shells of marine organismssnails, and eggs. Calcium carbonate is the active ingredient in agricultural lime and is created when calcium ions in hard water react with carbonate ions to create limescale. It is medicinally used as a calcium supplement or as an antacid, but excessive consumption can be hazardous and cause poor digestion.” 

This is Aragonite.  As you can see it is a rock.  Mineral Calcite has to be ground down and put into pill form for us to take.  I don’t think that we are able to digest rocks, and true to form it most definitely would cause poor digestion.

Plants are made to digest dirt and rocks that there roots wrap themselves around.  We then eat the fruit of the plant and get our minerals from there.  If you are a meat eater then the animal has consumed the plant, processing the minerals into the meat.  The Native Americans after a long winter would eat the liver out of the animal he killed while it is still warm.  The liver would supply him with the nutrition of iron and vitamins that he lacked in his diet from being without sunlight and fresh vegetables all winter.

Today, what we do is supplement our bodies with the minerals and vitamins that we are not getting in our diets. 

These are a couple of other pictures of leaves that are showing the deficiency of both Magnesium and Calcium.

Again here in Arizona I had always thought that this was a problem with the sun bleaching out the leafs.  But the more I learn the more amazed I am at how difficient our ground is.  How can we be healthy if the vegetables and fruit we are eating are lacking the nutrients that they need.  Now the question is,

What Do We Do About It?

There are many things we can do.  First of all we can buy supplements to replace the nutrients we are missing in our food.

But if you are taking a colloidal magnesium, why not supplement with, salads, sardines, cheese, yogurt, etc.  I realize that it is just easier to take a pill once a day instead of putting a couple of (2-4) teaspoonfuls of liquid into a plastic cup and drinking it.  I personally take 2 tsp in the morning and then 2 tsp in the evening.  Make sure that the teaspoon is not metal, the metal will negate the electrical effect of the colloidal.

Do you have high Cholesterol?

Taking it this way I am able to tell if I need more or less magnesium. For an example if I am still getting leg cramps, then I need to take more. It also helps with premenstrual syndrome symptoms. It not only helps with magnesium deficiencies, but also has a calming benefit on and individual’s body.  It is a must to have if you want strong bones.  Magnesium also has been noted to help prevent heart attacks since it guards against calcium within the arteries. Magnesium helps to create a steady heartbeat, and will get rid of excessive calcium in your system which can cause the heart muscle to contract causing a heart attack.

So if you are taking Vitamin C, D3, E and MK7  (I found a MK7 on Amazon.  I didn’t know till I looked it up what exactly it was) and magnesium, you will find that these are very important to getting calcium out of your veins and put it back into the bones.

Colloidal Magnesium is 99% pure.  Cost $10.00 and weighs 9 oz. If you are interested in purchasing this with a 10% discount please go to: Magnesium (point to the word magnesium and click) then go into send message or contact us, make sure you use the coupon code when writing the note of what you want.  The 10%  discount is good for everything you order on the site. OK that is a lot to do, but it is a really good product.

I have taken Colloid Dynamics products, and I realize they it says that you get 20 ppm, but I have talked to the producer and they said that they are sure you are getting 20 ppm but it is possible you could be getting up to 100 ppm.  I have talked to many people that are using their products and they are just raving about how it helped them.  I know it has helped me, but there are other people out there that make this product.

NutriNooch is another producer of Colloidal Magnesium.  Click on picture.

I do not know anything about this product.  But there advertisement says that it is made of pure products and under strict conformity.  It is an 8 oz bottle for $11.18 with free shipping.

As we learn to take care of ourselves, we are becoming healthier and wiser. The more we research what caused us to get sick, I am sure of one thing, these product will help. I really am passionate about digging into the reasons of what is really causing us to be sick.  Thank you for listening to me.

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6 thoughts on “The Best Absorbable Magnesium and Calcium

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  2. Thanks for this comprehensive post!  I can testify to that Nutrinoche, I love the product! It has helped me so in so many ways,
    as I’d been having several Kinda health issues for many months, causing me
    pain that even Drs didn’t seem to be concerned about. It helped really well. I will also. bookmark this.


  3. I like your post and love the picture about plant deficiency guide as I am a gardener myself.  So I would probably not purchase any pills as I love food so much.  It is good that you are trying to find some alternatives to food but that are worth it as there are a lot of pills out there I would not trust.

    1. I think that you can use the colloidal products on your plants also.  I wouldn’t use a lot just a little to see if it helps the soil.

      Thank you 

  4. Thanks for sharing this and for making such an easy to understand simple plant deficiency guide. We all work to make the best choices for health and environment, but the choices and information can quickly become overwhelming. Thanks for helping to clarify some of what I think is going on – it’s helpful to see the photo of the nutrient deficient plant to visualize what could also happen in a human or other being.

    1. It has always bothered me that the manufacturers make everything so difficult to understand and decipher.  If I want to know what you are putting into my lotion or soap, make it english.  

      Thank you

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