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The Treatment of Chronic Inflammation Part 2

The Treatment of Chronic Inflammation Part 2

I just want the pain to stop!

You may never be totally free of pain. But there are things you can do to make it better.

What I want is to go for a walk, hike in the canyon, or just do some Yoga. Maybe with a group of people, you know the non-aggressive kind.

But when you hurt, what do you do?

quiet places

When parts of your body become inflamed and swollen, I just find someplace to hide. Someplace quiet and peaceful. If it is bad, I come to a complete stop, take my medication, then nothing else gets done. It is a total system breakdown.

It seems like I am never going to exercise, which would in turn help me lose weight. I really want to go back to being 45 again. I had a head on my shoulders, and nothing hurt. I also weighed 25 to 30 pounds less.

How does a person get to the point of not hurting?

I know changing the diet helps. It takes all the bad food and adds in food that will help keep my pain from coming back. This way I am not adding to the problem and increasing the possibly of more pain. The problem arises now if you are married, that your partner doesn’t like the food you eat. So, what are the solutions.

“>Cookbook Here”

A Cookbook is always the best place to start, I read this one and it has some good receipts in it and some excellent suggestion on food types. So maybe your partner will be more willing to eat the food that is in your diet.

The medical field calls the time of chronic inflammation an Episode.

A stressful day may bring on an episode. Maybe you are one of those people that hurt all the time with the below symptoms:

  • GI Track
  • Immune system disorder
  • Fatigue
  • Foggy brain
  • Sleep Disturbance.

Now when all these symptoms happen at the same time, you stay in bed, and hope for the best.

Your gut or GI track is the most important part of the body. It basically is the main center of your immune system. So, when irritable bow syndrome sets in you don’t feel good.

I know this sounds far out on a limb but, every part of your body communicates with the brain.

Chronic inflammation also affects the brain, making it difficult for the parts of your body to communicate with your it. Swelling happens first in the intestines as the stress takes over, it spreads throughout your entire system, including the brain.

Allergies can bring on chronic inflammation. Your histamines stop functioning correctly and then the body begins to shut down as the swelling is almost immediate. When the antihistamines are taken or a shot is given, the breathing gets better, the hives go away, and the fatigue sets in.

At this point the Serotonin, the feel-good hormone, has totally shut down. Anything can set off an inflammation episode. So, we need to have a diet or food planner to help us to keep the inflammation from happening again, this is where a good cookbook comes in handy.

Serotonin and P. Serotonin are master neurotransmitters. They send electrical signals from the gut that determine pain, mood, sexual desire, appetite, sleep and it may even have an influence on social behavior. When tested for Serotonin levels in a person who has chronic inflammation, the test usually shows their Serotonin level is low.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is very similar to Fibromyalgia. When, a person has an episode with RA his entire body swells up. His skin becomes overly sensitive to the touch, and the fatigue sets in. As a wife to a person who has RA, they get just downright grumpy.

Overly Stressed

I think that you get the picture. When the body becomes overly stressed it barely take anything to become a threat; exercise violence, abuse, processed food, tripping and stubbing your toe and dropping something. So, the body’s response to this stress is pain. The fight-or-flight mode takes over. Sometimes it never stops being in this mode, so the pain is always there.

This is where meditation come in. It helps every day to quiet the mind and body. Using a guided tape or CD for meditation helps with seeing yourself as being fine, normal and happy. The gentleman that wrote the Meditation Mastery had aids and his doctor told him to go home get his life in order and make himself comfortable. He was a singer so, he played around a lot. Not to ruin the story, but it is interesting even if you are not into meditation
This is not by a famous doctor but it has some great reviews.

Andrew Weil has been on the television and done many interviews.  If you are looking for a CD that is from a medical doctor this would be a good one to start with.  Its rating is 3.5 on the stars

This is just a sample of what is out on the internet to use. You may already have your own system, but for those that are interested it is available.

Grounding Mats

Now let’s look at using a grounding mat, while you are meditating. There are several kinds of Earthing mats. there is a full bed mat, the half mat like what is below, there is the computer mat, and foot mat.

Meditation is just for your conscious mind and unconscious. The diet of food is for your body, but why the grounding mat? The mat literally has an electrostatic discharge which brings the body back to the relaxed mode. Now, the non-current talks to your gut and drastically decrease the inflammation, hence the pain retreats and your Serotonin decreases to normal.

If you want a full sheet for your bed click on the mat below and it will take you to the website where you can just look around. I am partial to cotton. It is a more natural product. These mats are made of 95% cotton.

Cortisol is an interesting steroid hormone. We need Cortisol to live but too high a level for a long time is called Cushing’s syndrome. High Cortisol can also make a person gain weight. Along with disturbing your glands. Now no matter what you do until you get the level of Cortisol down you will not drop any weight. The symptoms from having high Cortisol, are very close to those of chronic inflammation.

Now here is what a test showed. A person’s’ saliva is taken before they sleep for the night on the mat. Then again in the morning the saliva is tested again. The Cortisol showed much higher before they went to sleep and when it was tested in the morning it is right back to normal range. This isn’t something a person can feel, it can only show up if tested.

About this product: Earthing® Universal Grounding Mat Kit (2 Pack) – Grounded Mat with Cord, Adapter, Tester – Reduce Inflammation, Improve Sleep and Anxiety – Earthing Book and The Earthing Movie Documentary Included

There is also this one:



  • CONNECTION SHEET: Half Sheet earth-grounding blanket is approximately 35 x 90 inches (goes across bottom of entire bed, or vertically along one side). It is meant to lay under your body, crosswise or lengthwise, and to be placed on top of your regular bottom sheet. Made with premium blend of high-quality washable cotton with silver-thread conductive silver grid (not stainless steel like some other sellers).Click on –} grounding Pad to see more available pads.

Also if you want a 10% off all orders go to: Colloid Dynamics for your grounding Pads

So why should you meditate if the Earthing mat produces the results that you are looking for?

Maybe because your brain (mind) needs the help with the Grounding Mat to do its job easier. A person who believes in what they are doing is going to get better a lot quicker along with getting better results. No, you really don’t need to meditate to make the Earthing mat work.

Why do you need to change your diet? If what you are eating is causing the inflammation, or allergies, then you are freeing up everything every night with the grounding mat and then during the day you are reversing the results. Let’s say that you are one of the people that doesn’t have a lot of pain and when you lay down on the mat at night, you don’t find there is much difference.

There have been tests done on people and in the test groups, they felt no changs in their body’s. Ah, but the saliva showed that there were changes. The blood tests show there were differences. Now if you are doing the diet, meditating and using the grounding mat, you are covering all the bases.

Most of the people that are looking for relief of their pain, do show physical results. RA can attack anyone because it is in the DNA. I had a friend whose daughter was 14 and had RA, she was going to be crippled by the time she reached 25. I can’t imagine my daughter coming down with RA at that age, but if I were the parent, I would do anything I could to alleviate her pain.

The drugs themselves that they give for RA have some nasty side effects, but that is for another blog. Unless you are in pain it is hard for someone to even imagine what, the relief would be but, even if it is just half as much pain, I would find a way.


We started out talking about being able to do some Yoga exercise to help lose weight. Well once you include all the above into your daily life, and you start to feel better, it will happen.

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5 thoughts on “The Treatment of Chronic Inflammation Part 2

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  2. Hi,

    Interesting article, while we’re not talking about the same levels of inflammation, it also inhibits testosterone production, I find meditation to be a great way to increase testosterone production post workout due to reducing inflammation, which makes sense with why it helps with chronic inflammation as well!

    1. I have a friend that insists that this along with diet and pills for the Libido really does help. He uses his grounding mat and meditates. His pace maker has leveled out to no incidences. He has a web site called ( if you mention me you can get a 10% discount) and insists that everything goes together to make it harmonious. Now he is funny because his wife lives in another trailer away from him so with his pace maker they don’t get together. Probably more info then you need. thank you for the review.

    2. Hi Nate:

      I find that there are a lot of issues in our world. Inhibitions, for one. It is really hard for me to talk about the problems with ester-gin/testosterone. But the one thing I am sure of is this grounding mat. I just can’t believe that we have come so far away from where we should be. I just finished writing an article on Colloidal Gold and the super work it does on the body. To me so much is hidden, I feel it needs to be out there and in front of the public, that way people will know how to treat themselves. At least I am trying. I still can’t spell well and I am always leaving out the small things, like, the, is and, a. You know how that is.

      Thank you Bonnie

  3. Great article, a lot of good tips in here. For a while I struggled with not feeling good most days, not pain just mostly my gut disagreeing with me, which caused a lot of discomfort all day. I finally started paying attention to my diet and changed what I ate, just changing one thing at a time until I started feeling better. Once I was feeling better everyday, I would reintroduce some of the old foods I was eating until I started feeling bad again, to identify what I should never eat. Made a world of difference!

    1. Food is a help but if you do have inflammation you might want to try the grounding mats. I have friends that use this and as soon as I get mine I will be writing about how it has helped me. Thank you for the comments, and I am glad it helped.

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